Welcome Bowe Supporters!

Bowe Packs for Awareness is an all volunteer effort to supply individuals who are working to support Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl with items which they can use in their advocacy work. There is no profit made on either the items supplied or on shipping costs. All monies generated through Bowe Packs go toward purchasing more advocacy supplies and any expenses not covered by the purchase of items offered here are paid for directly out of pocket by the Bowe Packs volunteers.

At this time, we are set up to fill order quantities requested primarily by individual supporters, consequently, we have placed some limits on the maximum quantities which can be purchased on a single order. If you wish to order large quantities of an item for yourself or for a group or organization, we suggest that you purchase that item directly from the supplier.  This will likely save you money because you will get the benefit of a large quantity discount. Follow HERE to a list of possible suppliers.

Check out what is included in the Bowe Packs HERE.

Follow HERE for ordering information and price list.

Find the online order form HERE.

For more information about Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, we recommend visiting www.supportbowe.org. There you will also find links to groups that are actively supporting Sergeant Bergdahl as well as a list of events which are planned to raise awareness about his plight.

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